by - April 03, 2018

Hi My Lovelies! A very warm welcome to Woman By Anna, a community built on empowering everyone through Beauty and Fashion 😊

So much has happened since I filmed my intro video for my YouTube channel, so, allow me to give you guys some Life Update.

When I filmed this video, I was a White Belt in my chosen sport, Brazilian Jiujitsu but with hard work and determination, I got my Blue Belt Promotion last year, March 4, 2017. I was able to participate in the World Masters Championships in Las Vegas in August 2017. I, however, lost by points but you know what we say in BJJ, there really is no losing in this sport... only learning.

My journey in this sport brought one of the biggest and most pleasant surprise of 2017, I along with 10 inspirational people were included in Samsung's #dobiggerthings campaign. It was surreal to find myself in the biggest billboard in Sheikh Zayed Road. I will share this in another post 😊

I will keep this post very short and sweet, I just really want to welcome you all to this amazing community. There is so much to share and I can'y wait to share them all with you.

Have an amazing day/night my lovelies and always remember that nothing shines brighter than that of a kind heart...a quote lovingly borrowed from Kevyn Aucoin, my Hero 💓

Anna 💖

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