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Hi My Lovelies! They grow up so fast! One minute you were changing their diapers and the next minute you are doing their make up for the Junior Prom! What I would give to turn back time to spend more time with these teenagers are toddlers! But then again, being a mom and an aunt to these lovely teenagers takes on a different dynamics. And I loving every bit of it too!

During my recent holiday back home, I had Ally's cousins and my sister over our house. It was soo nice to have them over! Never a dull moment. 💕I took this as an opportunity to teach them how to apply makeup and I also took their photos on my iPhone. 😆😆 Pardon the quality of the photo, I had to improve the lighting. 😊

For this shoot, I used the same shades for the eyes and cheeks on Lizzie, Ally and Renee. 😄

Here are a few tip skin care and make up tips for your budding teen ager 💗

I can't begin to tell you how important it is to encourage your teenagers to start on a good skin care regimen at an early age. The earlier they start taking care of their skin, the longer they will maintain their youthful look. Modesty aside, I am 40 next year but I can still pass for someone who is in her late 20's. Thanks to genetics and a good skin care regimen.😎

CTM: Their skin care regimen should be simple and gentle products. I say simple because the moment it gets complicated, they wont do it. It is as simple as Cleaning, Toning and Moisturizing

CLEANSING: Cleaning the face after school is so important as it removes the dirt and grime from a day full of school activities. While cleansing with their favorite facial wash may have removed some dirt, there are some that is deep seated and can only be removed by a toner. 

TONING: Toning, aside from deep cleaning the face also closes the pores. Closing the pores is essential as it prevents dirt from creeping into your skin, therefore avoiding breakouts.

MOISTURIZE: Moisturize at an early age, do it now and thank me later 😏 

SKIN CARE EXTRAS:  A deep cleaning scrub twice a week is also recommended as well as an at home facial. 


PERFECT: Teenager's skin can be tricky because of puberty and they may breakout, however, that is a not a reason to pile on the foundation. I actually do not suggest foundation for very young skin. Opt for a bb cream or tinted moisturizer.

CONCEAL: Because or exams, project deadlines, teenagers can also develop dark circles and for that a yellow toned concealer that is a shade lighter than your skin should be applied on the dark cirles.

For blemishes that are red in nature, a green corrector to counteract its redness, should be applied prior to applying a concealer that is the same color of her skin. 😇

BLUSH: I don't advocate contouring for teenagers, for special occasions, yes. I recommend a hint of a pink blusher on the apples of the cheeks for that English Rose look. FRESH 😃


BROWS ON FLEEK: One and only advice... KEEP YOUR TWEEZERS AWAY FROM YOUR BROWS. If at all, you just need to clean some stray hair and keep the brows in place with a clear mascara.

THE EYES HAVE IT. You are a young lady but not yet a fully grown woman. You will have so many years ahead of you to create smokey eyes and maybe wear false lashes and black eyeliner. There are ways to defines the eyes without going crazy with colors. Use a matte, medium Brown eyeshadow all over the lid then blend. You can also use the same color to define the lower lash line. Apply a cream colored eyeshadow on the brow bone. Curl your lashes and apply mascara.

LUSCIOUS LIPS: Only because these young ladies wanted to wear the Kylie Liquid Lipstick! lol! I prefer glosses over matte lips for teenagers. I think matte lips matures the wearer but on this occassions, I let them have it. LOL!!! Keep the colours, you have the rest of your adult life to wear those rich reds and deep berries. 

Most of all girls, don't hurry up, enjoy being a teenager, the homeworks, the highschool crushes. I pray that you 3 grow up to become empowered women, constantly seeking Our Loving Father with a strong sense of self and a desire to do good whether big or small.

Anna 💖

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