by - January 13, 2013

Hi my lovelies! And we are back in business! As promised, I will try my utmost best to blog regularly and here I am with my 1st product review for 2013 :-)

If you have been following my blog since its inception, you would know by know that I am a foundation junkie.My quest for the ultimate foundation has brought me to scour drugstores and department stores, an adventure that all Make Up Artists probably love, and- like adventures, some will lead to blah discoveries and some will lead to an "AHA" moment. :)

Discovering and Trying on Maybelline's Fit Me Foundation is one of my AHA moments in this quest for the ultimate foundation. According to the site and I quote in Verbatim. "Flawless. Lets the Real You Come Through. Beyond Matching: Fresh, Breathing, Natural Skin. " And Maybelline's claim can't be truer!

If you look at the collage below you will see that on your 1st application, (top left) you already look flawless. It covers very well yet it is as if you aren't wearing make up. Like the true doubting Thomas that I am, I applied a 2nd layer just to see how true Maybelline's claim that it is "Breathing, Natural Skin" and boy did I believe. :) Flawless yet ever soooo lightly. 

The photo on the bottom left is with Maybelline's Fit Me concealer already. The concealer is good but I was fixated on the results of the foundation that I didn't really bother.  You can already tell that I was impressed with the foundation.

The last photo on the collage is with Maybelline Fit Me Powder. Polished and Natural. I was half sold.

Half Sold???? Why after all the superlatives was I just half sold? Well, because I needed to subject the foundation to the ultimate test. :) Yup, you guessed that right. The no retouch, gym test!
The 1st photo on the left is Maybelline FIT Me Foundation unretouched at around 6pm and the one on the left is after an hour of rigorous Cardio activity :) I think that the oiliness (this is not next to godliness. lol) is acceptable considering that this is not a full a coverage foundation.

Excuse the lighter face as compared to the neck, both photos were taken with a flash. Since this foundation contains SPF 18, do expect a flashback.

Like with all products and eventhough I may have showered this product review with a lot of superlatives, the fact that Maybelline's FIT Me Foundation doesn't have all its oolours in Dubai could be its biggest let down. Their darkest shade is 315 (my shade)

Over all, I have to say that Maybelline's FIT Me Foundation is a definite beauty buy and for the amount that you have to pay, it doesn't only fit your beauty requirements but budget requirements as well. :)

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