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Hi My Lovelies! So, I am back for another product review! Another review, another foundation. I bought 4 new foundations over the holiday season, thus, the onslaught of reviews. I promise to be back with looks using my new palettes, celebrity inspired looks that you guys can try.

The 3rd foundation that I got over the Holiday Season was Laura Mercier's Creme Smooth Foundation. I got mine from Bloomingdales at The Dubai Mall. You can't imagine how happy I was to see a fully stocked LM counter at Bloomingdales! My last purchase from LM was years ago in Manila when I got the lip velvets. :)
Four Days of Laura Mercier's Creme Smooth Foundation. :-)

Anyway, on to the review. I, unfortunately could not subject the foundation to the gym test as I was still nursing my semi swollen ankle, so, the no retouch test was the maximum that I could go. All photos in this collage were taken with my blackberry, thus, editing wasn't possible.

1st thing that I want to share with you regarding the foundation is the packaging. May not be the best as it is in a glass jar, it does take a lot of space in your make up kit. It does look good on top of your dresser. On the site it is USD 50 for 30grams of product. I cannot remember how much I got mine for because I used my Bloomingdales GC. The fact that it also comes with its own spatula, is great for hygienic reasons. Make sure that you clean your make up kit though because if it is dirty and you dip the spatula in it, it will contaminate your foundation. 
Laura Mercier Day 1
1st day of the trial and I have to agree with their claim that it is light weight. Because of the texture of the foundation, it doesn't settle on fine lines and it is easy to blend. I suggest that you apply the foundation using your fingers, the beauty blender or a stippling brush but not the foundation brush. Reason behind that is the brush leaves streak marks and this foundation needs to be worked "INTO" the skin.

I set the foundation with the Mineral Powder, which, unfortunately proved to be a mistake, as I was pretty oily and shiny before the day ended. This is even with Benefit's Porefessional Primer. Because of this, I don't suggest that you purchase this if you have oily skin, however, it will look amazing on women with normal to dry skin.

Incidentally and totally off topic, I started the Victoria's Secret Train Like an Angel Work Out Series and worked on my Glutes the day before, thus, the whole body photo on the side.

Laura Mercier in Daylight and Indoors

I also took photos of myself outdoors using LM's Creme Smooth Foundation to show you that it still looks like your skin and far from being mask like. Because of the formulation of the foundation, you can build this up without feeling like you are wearing a ton of foundation.

Because I experienced getting oily using the LM Mineral Powder, I opted to Make Up Forever's Full Cover Powder to set the foundation. I also used NAR's Laguna Bronzer and MAC's Chez Chez Lame. For my lips I used NARS Turkish Delight Gloss.

The whole feel for that day is very Spring/Summer. Flawless, Glowing Skin. Big, beautiful brows and glossy lips.

Laura Mercier Day 3
Because I felt and looked oily the 1st day I tried LM's Creme Smooth Foundation with LM Mineral Powder, I decided to use a different setting powder on Day 3 - Make Up Forever Full Cover Powder. I was so much better. I still looked fresh without retouching till the end of the day.

An because it was foggy and gloomy that day, I decided to wear a floral trench and MAC Cosmetics Lip Gloss in Morange to bring Spring closer. :)

Laura Mercier Day 4

Day Four - So far, so good and it appears that LM's Creme Smooth Foundation works better with a Matte Setting Powder. I met my GF that evening to watch Les Mis and she complimented my skin. She said it looked flawless and glowing. :)

Day Four Look was all about colour and I just love MAC Cosmetics' Snow Orchid! 

So, my lovelies after 4 days of thorough testing of Laura Mercier's Creme Smooth Foundation, hope you keep my pointers in mind should you wish to purchase this foundation. :)

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