by - December 02, 2012

The year I started my love affair with Make Up, is the year I knew that I will forever be searching for products and tools that will help me successfully translate all the visuals in my head to reality. I realized that products alone, are not enough to create all these looks that I have in mind; like an artist, I needed brushes that will help me in drawing the finest lines to bring out the beauty of a woman’s eye, the softest brushes to flawlessly blend the foundation, making it look like a woman’s second skin. I needed the best tools to create the most beautiful canvas.. a Woman’s Face. 

The first 2 brushes that I ever purchased date back to 1998 and I still carry them in my kit! Even to this very day, they conjure a smile on my face each and every time I see them, invoking nostalgia of my amazement with sable haired make up brushes. This feeling of reminiscence and my never-ending quest to find the best tools made me embark on a project that capitalized on my years of experience in this industry. I am proud to introduce the creation of beautiful and durable make up brushes that promise to help you achieve make-up looks that I have created over the years and to inspire you to make your own.

Woman by Anna brushes is a set of 15 make up brushes made from fine goat hair and premium taklon to ensure seamless and flawless application of cream, liquid and powder products, tested and used by yours truly. By creating my first set of brushes, I wish to encourage everyone, from up-and-coming artist to all the women out there, to explore the never ending possibilities that only you can create with the right tools! These brushes were created for the artist…. For Women.. for you.

WOMAN by ANNA brushes comes with its very own brush guide prepared by yours truly to help you understand the potential of each custom brush.

All Over Face Brush 
This is excellent for applying your face/loose powder. The size of the brush allows you to set your foundation in less sweeps, hence, avoiding the caked-up look.

Stippling Brush 
The soft bristles of this brush allows you to work your liquid products into your skin without having to worry about damaging or irritating your skin.

Concealer Brush
 The size of this Concealer Brush allows you to apply your concealer in less strokes making it look more natural and avoiding the caked up look.

Blush Brush
The shape of this brush allows you to apply your blush directly on the apples of your cheeks.

Contour Brush
The contoured tip allows you to lightly contour your hairline, temples, hollows of the cheeks and jaw line. This contour brush also allows you to powder small areas of your face should you wish to sport a dewy look. The density and shape of the brush also allows you to use this brush for bronzing.

Precise Contouring/Highlighting Brush
This versatile brush allows you to contour your temples, hollows of your cheeks and the jawline with more ease and precision. Cleaned from contouring the tapered tip also allows you to highlight the features of your face that you wish to bring to emphasise.

Premier Taklon Brush
This Premiere Taklon Brush is perfect for applying all types of cream and liquid products whether it is an eye primer, cream shadow, liquid or cream highlighter & concealers.

All Over Shadow Brush
This All Over Eye Shadow brush is perfect for applying your eyeshadow on your lid and on your browbone.

This Crease Brush/Eye Contour Brush 
This Crease Brush/Eye Contour Brush was created to help you perfect the deep set eyes. The tapered tip allows you to precisely apply eye shadow on your crease to add depth and definition.

The Eye Blending Brush
This dense, Eye Blending Brush is perfect for blending your eye colours but it is also perfect for blending the contour that you have made on the sides of your nose. This dome shaped brush is also amazing for adding light definition on your crease.

The Blending Brush
This slightly fluffier version of the Eye Blending Brush is perfect for recreating the air brushed look when you are blending your concealer.

The Angled Brush
This Angled Brush was made to help you define your brows and create that enviable celebrity arch.

The Liner Brush
This stiff brush is perfect for precise application of your gel liners.

This Smudge Brush 
This Smudge Brush was created to make every woman capable of doing the sexy, smokey eye. The density and stiffness of this brush makes it excellent to create those eyes that smolder.

The Lip Brush
The shape of this lip brush is perfect for precise application of any lip colour but most especially bold, dramatic colours.

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