by - July 11, 2012

There is a reason and one reason alone as to why MAC's new foundation offering is called MatchMaster, simply because it is. I kind of stopped buying MAC products for a while because I was hoping for them to release a product that will just blow me away, the way the Pro Long Wear Foundation and Concealer did. 

The product that ended my rather long hiatus from the MAC counters was the MatchMaster Foundation. I waited for quite a while and I was wowed. I really did not know what to expect from the product when I bought it. The sales person could just be sales talking me by using all the superlatives to describe the foundation. Atleast with the Pro Long Wear Foundation and Concealer, I kind of know what to expect .... it stays. But with MatchMaster, I have to try it to believe its claims.

According to the MAC's website and I quote in verbatim. " New Foundation technology using translucent pigments to enable a fully personalised finish influenced by the subtleties of your own skin's undertone.' Sounds high tech, right? Well, the way I understood it is that this formulation magically adapts to your undertone and we are not just talking about your skin colour, we go deeper, your undertone, this probably explains the new numbering system of the MatchMaster Foundation. You will not see NC or NW, instead you will see numbers. the colour that I picked was 4.0

So, let us get down to the basics. The MatchMaster has 35 ML of product and it retails here in Dubai for about AED 150 {+/-, I think, I threw out the receipt :-( Sorry!). It has SPF 15, which explains as to why the photos that I took of myself was so washed out/ way to shiny (TIP: Foundations that have SPF does give a flashback because of the SPF. This is the reason as to why I never use liquid foundations during weddings as the bride gets photographed so often and you run the risk of her looking oily)

If you follow me on twitter, I tweeted this photo around, last week of May, immediately after applying the foundation and was just in awe. This was just the foundation, no concealer. Unlike the ProLong Wear where you can't leave it on your skin without having to buff it immediately, MatchMaster doesn't set so fast and when buffed gives you a satiny finish that is just divine to touch.

This is a better photo of the foundation with unblended concealer.

What's great about the MasterMaster Foundation is that you will not be too overwhelmed with so many colours as they batched foundation numbers to together to come up with one shade that will fit perfectly. Something that I have noticed as well is that MatchMaster's shades are not too yellow nor is it too pink as opposed to the other foundations that they have released.

This is me taken a few days ago using the MatchMaster Foundation with the Beauty Blender infront of my Balcony--- (TIP: Applying your foundation infront of natural light is the best way to do it.)

This photo was taken with a professional camera with one umbrella light. As you know, I don't like having my photos retouched and you can see that the MatchMaster does work wonders.

In a nutshell, I have to say that I am impressed with MAC's new Foundation offering. It is a good buy for its price and it did restore my faith in MAC.

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