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I am a certified beach bum! I am guilty for loving the sun's rays on my face while I bury my toes in the warm white sand of the beaches of Dubai and then loosing myself in the calmness of the ocean. Though I love the sun's mood enhancing effect, I do not overlook its damaging effects on my skin. Number don't lie when they say that 1 in 6 of us will develop skin cancer and 90% of the reason is due to prolonged and unprotected UV exposure. Aside from skin cancer the sun's rays is also responsible for premature aging, hyper pigmentation and malignant melanoma.

I guess, you all know where this post is leading :) If I sound OC (Obsessive Compulsive for those of you who don't know what OC stands for, Obsessive Compulsive for those of you who do know what it stands for, Obsessive Compulsive for... Oh You Get the Idea! :) )there is. just no better word to describe myself) about skin care, believe me when I say that I am just as OC when it comes to protecting my skin, as should you.

Choosing a your Sunblock is like choosing a night cream. You have to look at the ingredients, it should not just protect your skin from the sun's rays, it should also give you some extras like antioxidants to help in fighting free radical activity linked to cancers and aging.

There are a few myths about sun exposure and please indulge me in debunking them :)

MYTH 1: Cloudy skies provide protection from the harmful sun.
FACT: The sun has several types of UV Rays UVA, UVB and UVC just like Hepatitis (oops! I am watching too much HOUSE!) These different types of rays contribute to multiple signs of aging. Just because you don't see the sun does not mean it cannot reach your skin.
SOLUTION: Use a sun product that doubles as a moisturiser

MYTH 2: Sensitive Skin react badly to SPF
FACT: Having sensitive skin means being more prone to sun damage, therefore, using an SPF is imperative in maintaining your youthful skin.
SOLUTION: When selecting a sun product look for these ingredients: titanium oxide or zinc oxide. These ingredients do not irritate unlike their chemical counterparts.

I hope that this post won't darken your Sunny Summer Days. Armed with this knowledge now you can freely and safely tan... more than just your beach bum!

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