by - June 06, 2010


Creme de la Mer's tag line is 'Where Miracles Begin' and this is exactly what you can expect from every product that comes from this brand.

I cannot begin to tell how much I talk about proper skin care and the products which I have tried, tested and can vouch for. As a Make Up Artist, the skin is my canvass and if it is not in its best of conditions then then artistry of every look is just not complete.

Creme de la Mer was actually an accident. The founder, Dr. Max Huber suffered severe burns during a routine experiment. Modern Science could not help him so Dr. Huber decided to take matter into his own hands. It did not come easy as it took 12 years and 6,000 experiments for this miracle creme to come into existence.

I currently am trying The Eye Concentrate. The consistency is very light, no fragrance, which is perfect for the ultra sensitive eye area. The concentrate comes with a silver tipped applicator which cools the skin and helps improve circulation.

This product promises to reduce the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, lines and wrinkles. I have temporarily stopped using the Immortelle Eye Balm from L'Occitane to put this miracle cream to test once again and so far, after 1 month of religious usage, I can say that my dark circles has indeed lessened, especially on the inner corners, the fine lines on the outer eye area has softened. I can't really say much about the puffiness as I do not suffer from puffy eyes.

This promises of this miracle does not come cheap, thank God, mine was free! :) If Iam not mistaken, its around AED 800 over here in Dubai.

Over all, I do recommend this eye cream, it is expensive but since the creme is so rich a little dot on the brow bone, corners of the eyes will certainly go a loooonnnnnggg way making you look forward to a bright and younger looking future :)

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