by - May 14, 2010

With my Co- MUA, the lovely Marina :)

Alessia at work:)

Hi Everyone! Apologies for being away for sooooo long! I miss blogging, just been busy with quite a few projects but rest assured that I am back.

A week ago I did the promotion for L' Oreal's New Product, Matte Morphose. I was at the Mall of the Emirates for 3 days doing make overs and in those 3 days had an amazing time doing the make over, meeting soooo many women and finding out their make up issues and the most important of all giving these ladies a different and better view of themselves.

If you have been following my blog for quite some time now, you'd know how passionate I am about empowering women thru the magic of make up and proper styling. One of the things that I find women worrying about is finding the right foundation--- the shade, the consistency. Well, ladies, the wait is over. :)

L' Oreal's Matte Morphose is the answer to those women who want coverage without the cakey feeling. It literally makes the pores and fine lines smoother and 9 out of 10 women say that it feels as if they are not wearing anything at all.

The first thing that I ask women after I have applied the foundation is how it feels on their skin and repeatedly, I get the same response.... "it feels soooo light."

The fact that it is light makes it perfect for the summer months in Dubai. Coverage so light, it will make you feel like its magic! :)

Matte Morphose has 8 shades for you to choose from, though it is plenty, would have preferred for it to have more especially the darker shades.

Aside from introducing the products what I love about this is being able to address the issues that women encounter about cosmetics and themselves. You will be surprised as to how many of them who dont realise that they are indeed beautiful.

L' Oreal's Matte Morphose will be at the Deira City Centre from 20 to the 22nd of May. Come and visit to feel the difference of Matte Morphose.... BECAUSE YOU ARE WORTH IT :)

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