by - April 15, 2010

Simple. Classic.... The LBD. Thank you Jean Patou and Coco Chanel.
LBD from H&M. Belt from New Look.

No, this red shoe aint lost.... Decided to play up my LBD with these girl red pumps from My Strawberry Shop

Very corporate yet girly - dress from Zara

80's style - big shoulders. Dress from SPLASH

Short and balloon from My Cabinet Room

Simple... just the way I like it. Dress from Zara.

In knit form from Zara Basics

In pleather - dress from Forever 21.

The LBD takes on a different shape - shirred and body hugging

Let me start this series of posts with something that has rescued me from Wardrobe Blah- blah dom time and again.... THE LITTLE BLACK DRESS. However, before I actually do, why don’t we take a trip down memory lane and see how this Wardrobe Staple came to be.
The Little Black Dress or LBD as we know it has been synonymous to none other than Coco Chanel but did you know that Jean Patou (more famous for the JOY perfume – thanks Grand ma and Tita Tess for wearing this while I was growing up) was also responsible for this versatile closet staple in the 20’s?

According my research the cut and silhouette was largely influenced by Monsieur Patou, however, the colour was pure Chanel. Come to think of it only a designer as bold as Chanel can come up with a dress fit for high society in a colour that used to be reserved for maid servants.

Chanel debuted her now famous long sleeved black crepe dress in 1926 and Vogue claimed it to be the uniform for ‘all women with taste.’

Although the LBD is supposed to be simple in cut so that it can be wearable irrespective of the season, so many designers have reinvented it using different fabrics, embellishments etc. My personal favourites are the ones which has an extremely simple cut, and a modest hemline.

The photos that I have included in this post are also found in several of my older posts and it only goes to how many times the LBD has rescued me J

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