by - April 10, 2010

The Passion to make more women see their beauty is my life long commitment :)

Suggesting products for each participants

Hi Ladies!

Applying highlight on Ronna

The Lovely Ladies of Season 2

The Lovely Ladies of INGLOT.

The Lip Paint at Work

Freedom System in INLGOT.

Different Consistensies of Foundations offer women choices for the lifestyles that they lead

Different Eye Shapes calls for Different Styles for Eye Make Up Application

Date: 27 March 2010
Location: INGLOT, Dubai Mall
Photos Courtesy of Red Ballesteros

PREFACE is the Pre Make Up Workshop Consultation where I get to meet the participants to see what make up and tools they already have. I organise this event to prevent the participants from 'excitement buying' and then they find out that the products that they have purchased are not suitable for them.

It also gives me achance to have chats with the partcipants about their skin care and make up needs.

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