by - March 18, 2010

I can see the orange peeking. :)

A little bit of gloss goes a long way.

Why not use a peach highlighter on the brow bone?

Lightly contour the crease with a black eyeshadow

Dont freak out. We are going to blend.... PROMISE :)

Everything inspires me.... even this Chiffon top from Zara :)

I don’t know if it was the foggy weather or the top that I was wearing which prompted me to put on a lot of colour on my eye that day, however, now when I look closely at the photos I think that that the Chiffon Zara Top was my main inspiration for this look.

Again, the key to wearing the weirdest colour combination is blending. For some reason and out of experience I have come to a conclusion that I can combine any colour and make it work.... somehow J

When going for colourful looks, especially when using shimmer shades, I suggest keeping the other areas of the face a little muted. Instead of wearing a shimmery blusher, perhaps you may go with a pink matte shade to give the entire face some balance. If you prefer shimmer on the cheeks perhaps go with a matte highlighting powder such as the one found in the Contour Kit of Make Up Forever. You may also go with Givenchy Prisme. It gives a rosy glow without the shine. Incidentally, products without shimmer are best for oily skin or skin which has visible pores.

I decided not to line the eyes with either a brown or black liner and kept the look soft by using an eyeshadow to line the lash bed and lower lash line. To make the colour more vibrant you may dip the brush in a little water or use the Make Up Forever Eye Seal. Also, instead of the traditional white shimmer on the brow bone, why no opt for peach or pale orange? J

On the Lips: MAC Lip Liner in Beurre and MAC Lip Lacquer in Varneesh.

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