by - March 02, 2010

Some weeks ago I posted that when I was 25 I was already looking forward to 30 and now that I am 33 I am looking forward to 40.

I know that men do get better as they age, like fine wine, women, I feel should feel the same way.

I decided to have a special photoshoot for myself to celebrate my 33rd bday with all the elements that I love. The sunlight, no frills and fuss get up, just a blanket. Nice shoes and simple make up.

Sometimes it takes a while before we realise what exactly we want to do in life. I realised Make Up was what I wanted to way, way back but now at 33 I realised all the other parts.

Here's to women alll over the world who are over 30, who are now wiser, more beautiful, and succesful.

Its not just my bday..... its your celebration too.

Many thanks to Dana, Marc (for the wii session as well) and Sir Mike.

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