by - February 02, 2010

Everything is coming up roses, lillies and dahlias this Spring.

This dress has an eclectic mix of all the things that I love. The pleats brings me back to the 70's (perhaps my favourite decade), the sleeves reminds of the orient (my roots) and the print is very vintage, very shabby chic.

Strike a balance with a cinched waist and electic pleats

Say 'Hi Spring!' with Vibrant Lips, flushed cheeks and gold lids.

Dolce & Gabbana in Full Bloom at the Milan Sping Summer Shows

Every season there are just some items that leaves an impression that even after you have walked out of the store and shrugged off the idea of buying yet another sundress, it just hunts you. You get these flashbacks of how it looked like while you were in the fitting room or how the fabric felt or how perfect it would be to pair it with that bag or shoe.

After having surveyed several of my favourite shops and not finding a particular piece for Spring/Summer, which had that X factor, my girlfriends and I decided to go home. En route to Krispy Creme though, I decided to make a bee line to Splash and lo and behold....................... MY SPRING DRESS. I could feel my heart beating, though my palms were not sweating. I just fell in love. This is one of those moments when you just have to have it but could not because I saw the faces of my friends and it says. ‘Don’t Fit it. We are tired!’ I decided to let it go and come back the next day. If its for me, it will be there when I have the luxury of trying it on. J

I went back to Splash after 2 days and it was still there...... waiting for me. Just as I had predicted.... it was amazing. Floral prints in Violet, green and dove gray spells Spring and the fabric just drapes wonderfully.

This trend for the season can bring out the girly girl in everyone and here are a few tips in finding the perfect floral dress for the season.

If If you are petite like me, choose prints which are small, big floral prints in bright colours may drown you out.

2. Voluptous? Not a problem. Choose floral dresses with dark backgrounds and small floral designs. Avoid dresses that have pleats like mine especially if you have a well endowed hips.

3. Choose fabrics that are breathable and flowy. Makes any woman look romantic

To finish the look go for a simple yet polished look with bronze eyes, curled lashes, flushed cheeks and bright pink lips which says, ‘WELCOME SPRING!’

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