by - February 01, 2010

Dark Eyes and Dark Lips inspired by Taylor Momsen

Grunge and Rock & Roll
Denim Shirt: New Look
Tube top: Zara
Leather Pants: Zara
Necklaces: New Look, Splash
Boots: My Strawberry Shop
Aviators: MANGO
Hippie Chic meets Rockstar
Faux Fur Jacket: New Look
Headband: New Look
Aviators: MANGO
Leather, Fur and load up on accessories
Fur Vest: New Look
Top: Zara
Leather Pants: Zara
Boots: Zara
Necklaces: New Look, Splash
Aviators: MANGO

I dont know about you guys but I have always had this fascination about rock stars - being like them, dating one of them and of course dressing like one of them and since the first 2 options are like close to impossible I just decided to play tribute to this fascination of mine by including this in my Great Date Looks Series.

Over the years the style of these musicians have evolved. Before we used to equate leather pants to rock stars That was the case for a very long time but not until the Seattle Grunge Scene came into existence and Marc Jacobs placed flannel and utility boots in every fashionista's must have list.

I remember wearing a flowery sundress, doc martens and a jean jacket en route to a school retreat when I was in second year. I felt so cool. hahahaha

Anyway, if you are going to date one, there is really no harm in looking like one. :)

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