by - February 18, 2010

Smolder with golden tones on your eyes and pale, full glossy lips

Sexy and Glam
Animal Print Evening Gown: Dragon Mart

Black, Leather and Studded
Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: High Style Fancies

Tight but with a modest hemline
Dress: Forever 21
Peep Toe Pumps: ALDO

The top is long enough to be a dress
Gold Strappy Sandals: Le Chateau
By the way, a messy up do is perfect for this look

Casually Sexy
Animal Print Top: Dragon Mart
Black Skinnies: MANGO
Black Strappy Sandals: ALDO

Nothing is sexier than having a tiger at your feet. hehehe
Peep Toe Pumps: Shoe Mart

I know that its late for valentines but since February is the love month, let me end the great date looks series with the last look... the bombshell.

So, what exactly is a bombshell? Well, she is a woman is just oozing with confidence and sex appeal, she will never be afraid to be the only woman wearing a red lipstick in boardroom full of nude lipped women and mind you, this is just in the office. Its different ball game when she is out on a date or partying with her girlfriends.

A bombshell, for me will never be without anything animal print. I can't remember which designer it was who said that, 'animal print will only go out of style when sexiness goes out of style.'

I hope that this series inspired you ladies to put on your different faces each and everytime you go out with your special someone. I recall my ex saying that I look different each time he sees me it makes him feel that he is cheating on me. hehehehe. oh wellllll.

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