by - February 21, 2010

This coming week I will be turning 33 and as it nears, all the more that I feel very thankful for my blessings, the number 1 being blessed with a wonderful daughter. Pie, incidentally, just had her 1st Holy Communion last weekend.

To celebrate the the blessings and my 33rd birthday, I invited 3 other amazing women, Ria, owner of my favourite on line shop (My Strawberry Shop), Mariyah and Tina, Photographers extraordinaire and great girlfriends, to take part in my simple gift to 1 special woman.

Iam giving a special make over - hair, make up, styling and photographs to one woman who can tell me why 'She is extraordinary.'

Birthdays are about celebrating qualities that sets you apart and I want to celebrate that with one of you.

Send you entries to: with one close up photos. Promo ends on 28 Feb 2010.
Photos by: Marc Guittap

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