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The Last Collection of Tom Ford for Gucci was like taking a trip down memory lane and grabbing all the best of ever season of his 14 year tenure as Creative Director for Gucci.

S/S04 produced the sexiest LWD I have ever seen and tracksuits made of silk!

With a spy looking this sexy, I think nobody will say no to frisking.

This show incidentally is my favourite. It was for me very theatric especially when the models walked the runway in their evening gows to Sinead O'Connor's 'Nothing Compares.'

S/S 03 was said to be strongest Gucci Show ever and who'd think otherwise with this Ribbon Dress like second skin on Carmen Kaas?

A/W 03 - Oriental meets Goth

A few weeks ago, I posted on facebook that Tom Fordd gives me goosebumps and a day after I posted that I twittered that I will be paying a tribute to that one designer who defined a generation... Tom Ford.

I will not be writing about his humble beginnings and his childhood in Texas so dont expect bits and pieces of what his favourite colour is (Plum) or what his favourite dish is (I dont know this. hahaha)

I am also not going to be giving out dates as to when he started out with Gucci as everthing written down here are based on artciles that I have read about Tom Form over the last how many years.

One of the things that furthered my admiration for Mr. Ford is that his brilliant stint as Creative Director for both Gucci and YSL was in partnership with 2 of my most admired people in the industry, Ms. Carine Roitfeld and Mr. Mario Testino.

When Tom Ford approached both of the (Ms. Roitfeld at that time was styling on a freelance basis and she partenered with Mario Testino) They were both apprehensive as the Roitfeld-Testino tandem was all about cutting edge photos and sexy in your face styling when it comes to clothes. Little did both know that that apprehension will lead to 10 uberly fashionable years. A decade that elevated sexy to a whole new level.

When Tom Ford started his stint in Gucci, nobody wanted to be in show but come his last collection, Erin Wasson was quoted saying that, 'Every Girl Wants to be a Gucci Girl.'

And Who Wouldn't?

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