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CABINET FOUR: All Coats on one side, long dresses together. I bought this hanger from IKEA that can hold 5 or more pairs of jeans. I placed all pashminas in hangers but grouped them again according to colour . Make sure that you keep the dust bags of your bags so that they will always look great. Stuff them with newspaper so that they will not lose its shape.



CABINET THREE: Since I cannot hang all my dresses, I decided to fold and just group them together.

Easy to find but the downside is the that they will crease. So,with this new arrangement, I dont need to iron the dresses immediately, just on a need to basis.

CABINET TWO: I know I will always find a top in this cabinet.

CABINET TWO: Hanged all Long Sleeves and Tops that cannot be holded.

CABINET TWO: The small compartment in cabinet 2 holds all swimwear.

CABINET TWO: Coloured belts, cummerbands etc.

CABINET TWO: Brown belts together.

CABINET TWO: thicker belts to corset belts.

CABINET TWO: I arranged all my belts into hangers and grouped them by colour. First hanger holds all black belts from thin to medium.

CABINET ONE: The top holds toiletries which I also grouped. Lotions together, brozing items together, hair items, face items and perfumes.

CABINET ONE: The top most compartment holds my daily jewelry and the last thing that I grab before I live the house.... MY KEYS.

CABINET ONE: Since my goal is to find things easily especially in the morning, grouped items that I need to my hair and touch ups in this compartment. My lint remover is something that I can't live without.

CABINET ONE: All about legs and feet and some gloves.
The next compartment holds knickers and slips and inner shirts, tubes.

CABINET ONE: (too personal) Arrange your lingerie together.

CABINET ONE: This cabinet has 6 compartments
When organising your bras, it is best to arrange it this way. It prevents the cups from getting de
Last weekend as Mariyah and I wrapped up a shoot, we found ourselves obsessing about how we can FINALLY fix our closet and I decided that this weekend will be just that.... ORGANISE.

I think that limited closet space is a perenial problem for women but most especially for women in Dubai where sales are everywhere and a trip to the mall will guarantee a shopping bag or 2! hehehe.

So, when I woke up yesterday I surveyed the situtation and here is the 411.
1. 4 closets
2. little space to hang dresses in
3. belts, scarves (extras in the closet)

Some Extra Tips on Organising

1. Your Closet, Your Haven
Since our closets holds most of the items that we love the most, why not personalise it? If you have a walk in ( lucky you! ) fresh flowers will not hurt, great lighting, post some photos.

2. Establish a Mood Board
Why not establish a mood board every season? Cut our photos of your favourite looks or items for the season. This way you can look thru your closet and see if you already have them. This prevents you from shopping and it will teach you how to maximise the pieces in your wardrobe.

3. Choose One Type of Hanger
Different types of hangers take up so much space as I have learned aside from this it causes visual clutter.

4. Re Group
To find things easier, group your clothes. One cabinet of mine only holds all tops.

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