by - January 14, 2010

The Inspiration: Haifa Wehbe

Finished Look

Love the Dazzle Glass!!!!

Line the lips with Magenta Lip Pencil and fill it in with Girl About Town Lipstick. Top it with MAC Dazzle Glass.

I applied NARS Multiples in Copacobana with an Everyday Minerals brush

With a blusher brush, apply NARS Orgasm blush on the apples of your cheeks.

Apply the darker shade from the MUFE Contour kit on the hollows of your cheeks and temples with a MAC Countour Brush

I used this Glitter palette from NYX and I am very happy with it. The Glitter adhered easily to the eyes and its also very budget friendly.

To add some drama to they eyes, add some gold glitter to the inner eye lid.

Using a MUFE brush, apply some hunter green shadow on the tearducts
Curl your lashes and apply false lashes

Using a MAC 266 brush I applied the same violet shadow under the lash line

Line the upper and lower water line with MAC Feline.
With a Liquid Liner (I used Mikyajy) I lined my lash bed and winged up the ends.
I also lined the lower lash line.
To elongate the eyes even more I extend my tear ducts a bit.

With an INGLOT flat brush, apply a shimmery pink shade on your brow bone as highlight.

Blend with a MAC 217 brush

With a MAC 266 brush cut the crease by applying a dark blue shadow on the crease and feathering the colour upwards.

With an INGLOT 13P Brush, apply a gold shimmery shade on the inner lid, followed by a violet eye shadow on the remaining area. I used the 88 palette from Coastal Scents.

To highlight the shape of your brows, apply some concealer just above and below the arch of the brows.

I used a darker shade of Brown eye pencil for my brows from the Body Shop and topped it off with Benefit Brow Zings in Medium.

I used INGLOT eye pencil in a coppery shade on the inner lid and a violet gel liner by Coastal Scents on the remaining area of my lid.

Set the brows and base for the eye shadow

I used MAC Studio Fix with a Prestige Foundation Brush, MAC Studio Scuplt Concealer with a MUFE concealer brush, MAC Studio Fix Powder with a Bare Minerals Powder Brush

Start with a clean, moisturised base.
I decided to apply my foundation and finish my eye make up before putting on my concealer and powder.

I realised some days back that eventhough I have done quite a few looks for myself, I have not done a single arabic inspired make up on me. So, I decided that for my next tutorial I will be doing something Arabic. :)

You can imagine how happy I was when I chanced upon this photo of Haifa Wehbe, I could not wait to go home!!!! I loved all the colours on her eyes! Not to mention the colour of the lips.


Sorry for the repetitive poses. kind of hard to pose and hold the camera. :)
This is quite long so I decided to put a lot of visuals, hope you enjoy it :)

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