by - January 04, 2010

These boots are made for walking..... :)

My very own Thigh High Boots from My Strawberry Shop.

Bell Sleeved Shirt/Dress from The Cabinet Room cinched at the waist with a Zara Belt
Thigh High Boots as seen on Hermes, Louis Vuitton this Autumn/Winter

The day I saw these kinds of boots on Emmanuelle Alt, I told myself, 'You got to have one of these, Anna!!!!' But then again, I aint five feet 9 and my pins are not exactly stick thin to work this Autumn/Winter Fashion Trend. But against my better judgement, I purchased one and so far I am not regretting it. (Thigh High Boots courtesy of My Strawberry Shop)

Since Iam only 5 feet 1, I had to think of a way to wear these boots where it wont overpower my rather small frame. Yes, these boots can work with jeans, for tall women, a different coloured jeans paired with these boots will look great but since Iam small, the only way that this can work for me is if i pair it with a pair of black jeans. This will give an illusion of continuity. Longer legs :)

Another way for me to wear this trend is to pair it with short dresses, however, I prefer not to pair it with pencil dresses rather with short dresses with a fuller skirt.

On me: Dress/Shirt with Bell Sleeves from The Cabinet Room, Belt from Zara, Black Opaque Stockings from Zara and Thigh High Boots from My Strawberry Shop

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