by - January 26, 2010

Now, got to log out now. My date is downstairs. :)

Grab your bag and head out for dinner and movies :)

Add a military inspired jacket and lose the belt
or wear it all together. :)

The Making of an outfit. Start with a basic crisp white shirt (thank God its still okay to layer. :))
Add a belt.
Add a lacey old rose inner shirt.

Some Products to help you pull off that natural look.

Military Inspired Jacket from Splash and Stilletos from Milktrails Online Shopping

The love month is upon us and I am excited!!!!! I am so thrilled by the thought that women will be out there buying themselves fab outfits and shoes for their dates. Don’t get me wrong, it does not have to be with a guy, it can be with your friends or just buy the outfit because you know you deserve it.

While I was dressing up this morning I thought why not do some posts of great date looks – outfits and make up looks that you can try on for a myriad of dates that you ladies will not only have this February but the entire year.

We start this series with a look for a Girl Next Door who may grab a bite in a bistro, watch a late screening of a movie and just chill.

The make up is kept to a minimum mainly using pink shades to make the girl next door looking fresh.

For ladies who want to chill this valentine’s day here are some tips to keep you looking gorgeous.
  1. Skip the Foundation. Instead use a foundation faker. One to try will be Benefit’s Some Kind of Gorgeous and don’t forget to conceal. With tired peepers, your date might want to take you home.
  2. Add some illuminator to make you look like you are glowing. Makes you look like you had 8 hours of zzzzzzz.
  3. Opt for blushing products which warms up naturally to the face like Smashbox' O Glow and O Bronze.
  4. Open up your eyes by curling your lashes and applying mascara.
  5. There is something about light pink eyeshadow that makes it soooo girl.

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