by - December 01, 2009


Today I woke up on time but stayed too long in the bathroom... loving the hot bath, therefore found myself in such a hurry to get dressed. When I am faced with such a predicament, which is happening quite often since the weather started getting better, I normally turn to my dresses for SOS. This day was no diffent from all those other days.

Thank God for knits, for disigners like Missoni who have been making these immaculate creations, My Knit saved my day even better because its black.... When in doubt, turn to black.

With barely 10 minutes I still had some time to look in the mirror and decided to accessorise since the knee high boots did not do enough spicing. I normally do not use accessories but today decided to pile on some necklaces. In my opinion this is still very minimal.

I wore my cross (you'd notice by now that I am hardly ever without it) A silver Tibetan Wish Box that was given to me by my dear friend, Malen and a Black Onyx double stranded necklace with yet another cross. No, its not just a fashion statement, its a profession of my faith. When you have something so simple, its really okay to pile on the accessories but concentrate on one area.

Two things for today.... when in doubt, wear black, when in doubt.... Keep It Simple. Works for me. :)

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