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Moisturise your Lips at the start of the make up application to make it soft and supple.

Keep it Light and Breezy

Define the Brows lightly and set with a brow gel

Prettify your Peepers with individual falsies
Last night while having coffee with Mariyah and talking about everything under the sun, we found ourselves talking about weddings and I asked her, 'Who should do my make up when I get married?' To which, she replied, 'You, of course.' So, it got me thinking about what my look will be when I walk down the aisle and this is what I came up with. Light, simple reflecting the colour of the sky at sundown.

To all brides, make sure that you schedule a trial make up with your Make Up Artist. Remember, this is your day, there will so many people taking photos and photos lasts a lifetime. Make sure you look the blushing bride in all of them.

Some Tips:

1. I prefer to use a Full Coverage Foundation to ensure that it will stay in place from the ceremony to the reception, to the countless well wishers making beso :) One to try are the following: Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation (Lasts for 15 hours! Road tested on a shoot and subjected to extreme weather conditions----hmm sounded like a sports shoe ad if you ask me, hehehe.) Chanel Mat Lumiere - Feels Like Silk and Dior Skin Forever for Celebrity Looking Skin.

2. Go easy on highlighters. Cameras have flash and if you are getting oily, its not going to look good on photos.

3. Use Cream Blush before applying the setting powder and apply a thin layer of blush after. This is make the blushing bride look last longer.

4. Use Eye Primers. They make eyeshadows last longer and the colour becomes more vibrant. Everyone's eyes will be on you, so make sure your peepers look happy and alive.

5. Waterproof Mascara is a Bride's Bestfriend. :)

6. I prefer individual falsies as it looks more natural.

7. Keep the lips defined with feathery strokes using a lip pencil and fill them in to make it last longer. Choose a being pink lip colour.

Of course, SMILE and look forward to spending your life with the man that you love :)

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