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SKIN SAVERS - I use two kinds of masques, one is a deep pore cleansing masque and the other one is the Hydra Action masque from Dior. Whenever I feel that my skin has become ruddy, I use this Skin Refiner from Nu Skin. For Pimples that just pop out from nowhere, the Acne Gel and Clindamycin Lotion prescribed to me by my Derma, Dr. Claire Palabyab (You are the best!) does wonders. The Tea Tree Oil from The Body Shop is also great for drying pimples. Last but not the least..... Avene Moisturiser with SPF 50.

CLEANSER, SCRUB, TONERS AND MOISTURSER - L'Occitane Immortelle Facial Foam Brightens not Whitens the Face, St. Ives Apricot Scrub(Thanks to my sister for this. I have been using this since second year high school), ESKINOL - If it works for Ate Vi, it will certainly work for me. :) L'Occitance Face Fluid and L'Occitance Immortelle Eye Cream
When Toning, do not forget to clean the neck and nape area as sometimes these two are neglected. When there is something wrong with our digestion most often that not we get break outs in this area.
When Moisturising do not forget the neck. This area shows signs of sagging and cannot be lifted.
When Applying your eye cream, bear in mind that directly putting it under the eye is not going to make it work better. You just need three spots in three areas. Cheek Plane where you can feel the bone, outer corner of the eye and brow bone.
I prefer patting motions as opposed to sweeping the eye product. It makes the absorption better.

Now that Iam 32, I have started using products which have anti oxidants, its perfect for slowing down the aging process and the Immortelle line is just perfect.

MY CLEANSERS - For Fast Make Up Removal (Except for the Eye Area, I go for Baby Wipes) I Use the St. Ives Facial Cleanser to remove make up including eye make up. When I use Water Proof Mascara, I turn to Sens Eyes Eye Make Up Remover from Make Up Forever. Make sure that you use gentle and circular motions when you are removing eye make up. Use cotton swabs.

This is another article that will for sure leave me feeling very vulnerable as I am posting another photo without make up. So, please, please be nice to me. :)

During the Faces Workshop I tackled the importance of proper skin care, knowing your type and how to properly care for it, even recommended some products.
Having a good base, which is your skin, is very important, I cannot recall as to how many times I stressed this not only during the workshop but literally whenever I can! (Iam not a nag).

I dont exactly have the most flawless skin but this is just to share my routine, the products that I have been using, why it works and why my skin is thankful for it. :)
20's - Your skin is glowing at this stage, the key is balance. Pick a gel based facial wash that will eliminate oil but will not over dry your skin. Dont forget the SPF.
30's - You have already laid out your skin care routine of Cleansing, Toning and Moisturising now its time to look at the ingredients of your products.... Key Ingredient... ANTI OXIDANT.
40's - The key ingredient in your skin care products... Collagen (not the one you inject. hehehe)
Drink Plenty of water - works for the skin and another problem that we, women encounter - Water Retention.
Get Fruity - Load up on the berries. They contain anti oxidants.
Try to Quit - Smoking strips your skin of Vitamin A, which is required to maintain the skin's elasticity.
Enjoy your ZZZZzzzzzz - Your skin recuperates better during sleep.
Laugh - Happy Wrinkles look far better than Grumpy Wrinkles... Believe me, I can spot the diff! hehehe.
But most of all, Live and Love. The best skin beautifier of all.

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