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Eversince I can remember, I have always been fascinated with make-up and fashion. I think this was brought about by growing up and seeing my aunt who used to work for Bank of America prepare for a day in the office. I think I was around 9 or 10 and I was already leafing through her pages of Cosmopolitan Magazine. I think this was where my love affair with make-up and fashion started.

Thankfully, I was blessed with an older sister and together we would play dress up and use Tita's make up. My fascination even grew more. My sis and I would go to countless Booksale shops and buy old copies of Vogue and Cosmopolitan. By the time I hit High School, I was aware of the existence of 2 gentlemen by the names of Kevyn Aucoin and Francesco Scavullo.

Scavullo, a legenday lensman produced almost all of the iconic covers for Cosmopolitan and of course, Kevyn Aucoin, make-up artist extraordinaire, who would later become my inspiration.

Fast forward to College and wanting to hurry up and gain experience, I started looking for a part time job. At that time, there was soooo much buzz about this new cosmetic company that opened in the chic portion of Glorietta. G4 housed Central Maquillage, the brainchild of the former premier make-up artist of Chanel in New York, the painfully handsome Raul Francisco (looks so much like Richard Gere, if you ask me).

So, i decided to visit this rather stuck up looking shop. It was very intimidating, very classy visual merchandising and to make matters worse, all the sales assistants were model material, dressed in all black and spoke good english.

So this college girl (with hardly any money) goes inside this intimidating shop with equally intimidating sales people to look around. I started asking questions about their products and eventually asked if there is a vacancy for a part timer. They said yes and asked for my Biodata.

I was, 'What?" a Biodata? I told them that perhaps I should just do a demo. They called Trish (Operations Manager) a former make-up artist of Clinique in London to speak to me. Did my demo, quoted my idol Kevyn Aucoin, it impressed her, met Raul and lets just say the rest was history... atleast on how i started with make up.

Modesty aside, Raul saw my potential and began showing me the ropes, professional brushes,its uses, different foundations, experimenting with different looks. And i continued buying magazines and studying different looks and techniques. I remember what he used to say, "Dont be a creature of habit, Anna" coz i always prefer the natural look. I did my profile shoot with Patrick Uy in greenhills as Central was due to open a bigger branch at the Shang in Ortigas and I was being groomed to be Central's premier artist. I was ecstatic.

And then it came, a new magazine by the name of Verite was going to ba launched and their Editor-in-Chief (forgot her name) contacted Raul for the make-up. He sat down with me in Figaro (which Robert owns, his brother) and told me about the cover. He wanted me to do it for.... guess who.... Dawn Zulueta and Tim Taylor. I cannot remember how i felt that time but that conversation literally had a dizzying effect on me.

He asked me for a face chart and I started doing different looks. I was nervous. No I was extremely nervous.

The day came. I carried this extremely huge make-up case and Raul and I went to Dasmarinas Village for the shoot. And there was Dawn Zulueta looking immaculately gorgeous. I was, again, intimidated.

But the moment I held her face and she started talking to the editor, I felt at home. Nervousness vanished, I knew what I was doing.

After that shoot, i started getting booked for private make-up sessions in Shang. But make-up was not a career back then. There were no Jing Monis, Juan Sarte back then and I did not want to be likened to other make-up artists who were popular at that moment, So I made a choice, dropped my after school work and studied.

But like all passions, my love affair with make-up and making women beautiful never died and so this site and endevour.

Make up was in me, my heart back then, It is in me now and it will be in my future.

So, I ask you my dear friends and contacts to stay with me, keep me company in my journey of going back to my first love..... Make - Up

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