by - December 02, 2009

There are so many reasons as to why I love the Holiday Season. First and foremost, I get to shower my little girl a wee bit more that usual. :) She is asking for another PS2 (her old PS2 was stolen) She does not know that Mama was something better for her.

I call the Holiday Season as the most Magical Season of all. This is the time where relatives who have not spoken to one another will finally find it in each other to forgive, families get together, people are so much nicer.

But amidst all the funfare that this season brings, I hope that we do not forget the real reason as to why we celebrate this season. Its Christmas from the word Christ.

It has been a great 2009 and from me to you and from 77th Street... HAPPY HOLIDAYS. :)

Hair and Make Up: Anna de Leon
Photography: Mariyah G. & Tinayums

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