by - December 26, 2009

The Look with all the elements

The Look

Not in my usual Prada sunnies, traded it for some street style aviators.

When going for accessories and they have the emblem of the brand, opt for something small like these earrings.

When I mentioned to Ria (proud owner of My Strawberry Shop) that I was going to write a blog about Chanel, she happily gave me these earrings and I cant be happier! Thankkkkk you sooo much!
Nothing says Chanel more that a quilted bag :)

The Chanel inspired coat from MANGO, updated with multiple zips

Lady meets rocker. Pearls and studs look great together.

Buckle Up with these boots! This is, by the way, another purchase for this season that I absolutely did not regret! Thanks to My Strawberry Shop!

I am a very sensible shopper, meaning I do not need to shop every weekend. On top of that I think I am very practical. :) However, every season, I find myself lusting after some pieces and though I try to be rational and say that it is a need, most often than not it falls into the third category of purchases, which is, 'I GOT TO HAVE IT!' Thankfully, these irrational purchases (?) finds so much longevity in my closet and can be styled in sooooo many different ways.

My first take on 'I need, I want, I got to have it for Autumn and Winter' is this uber fab jacket that I got from MANGO. It resonates the charm of Chanel at 1/4 of its price! Chanel is synonymous for luxury and what better way to update this jacket than by putting in some elements fit for strutting this classic in the street :)

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