by - December 17, 2009

With Howie D. of Backstreet Boys before their Press con.

With Backstreet Boys' Bryan

Part of being a Make Up Artist is of course grooming men. Its not at all complicated, just a few simple things to remember.

Most guys especially if they are artists flying in for a concert, will tend to have dry skin because of the constant travelling, so, a moisturiser is a must.

Before starting any make up application, use a lip balm to moisturise the lips.

Some artists, because of the constant touring will most likely have darker cirles, so ensure a moisturising concealer and something that will brighthen the under eye area. There is usually redness around the nose and corners of the mouth.

To take away tiredness from their eyes, a pop of irridescent white shadow placed on the tearducts will do the job.

A hint of colour on the apples of the cheeks, topped with mattifying powder will ensure that they look good when press people take their photos.

Lastly a clear gloss to finish the look.

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