by - December 14, 2009

Anna is singing the blues in the rain.....

I kept the lips softly lined and applied gloss.

I opted for peach cheeks and instead of applying a shimmery highlight, I used a matte highlighter.

I did not use any liner for this look aside from the white eyeliner that I used on the water line. I applied individual false lashes and coated my lower lashes with mascara.

Kim K. has beautiful brows and I defined mine to make it similar to her.

Use an Eye Shadow base to make the colour stand out. I used MAC Paint Pot in Sof Ochre. To make the tear ducts stand out even more, I applied a white eye pencil to the inner corners of my eye and other half a blue pencil. Make sure though that you apply the blue pencil with a light hand.

I used two shades of blue for the shadow. To make sure that its well blended, make the colours overlap.

I think the knee high boots give this the gypsy look.

The Hippy Girl (sorry for being soooooo last season! hahahaha. Gucci A/I 08)

Kim's Look for the Emmy's

I woke up to the trickling sound of the rain this morning, extra chilly outside and the skies were a little overcast than usual. It was a gloomy, rainy Sunday, so, what better way to combat the gloominess of the day than to have a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows (this is wishful thinking though) than to make my face brighter with baby blue eyes, wispy lashes a la Kim Kardashian's look at the Emmys.

For this look I veered away from shimmery shades, I used mostly matte shadows so that it wont look too imposing in the office. (hehehehe)

Another inspiration for this look came from my attire for the day, I felt that I looked like a hippie and during the 70's they all had bright eyes, so, with the attire in place all that it needed as to wrap up the whole look was this make up.

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