by - December 21, 2009

And lastly nothing spells 'I am incharge' better than a black pant suit, teamed with a multi strand pearl necklace

Break the boredom of black by strutting in coloured heels.

A Structured Jacket paired with a dress with distinctly feminine touches like lace can never be wrong. Femininity used correctly is power but dont mistake with 'Cleavage from here to Mexico'
A Single strand pearl necklace never fails to make me feel uber feminine!

Gone are the days when the Cardigan was left for grannys. First Lady Michelle Obama brought it back to the mainstream but wearing bold cardis, cinching the waist. Ways to modernise this reliable piece of clothing is dime a dozen. Leather is not just for bikers and rockers, its also for women who are working their way up the corporate ladder. An Unlikely Couple but it works

Dont be afraid to use patterns! Its the best way to liven up your winter wardrobe too!

Keep the lines simple and give it a pop of colour with a vibrantly hued brooch.

Keep the elements simple and impeccable.

Pair the LBD with with a destructured trench for a polished yet feminine look

Yes, you can wear sleeveless. , not just too haltered and since you are showing a bit of skin, keep the hemline to your knee. Michelle Obama wore a sleeveless LBD for her official White House photo. If Mrs. O can do it, so can you. :)

'All the women who are independent, throw your hands up at me! All the mommas who making dollars, throw your hands up at me!'

One of the reasons as to why I love Destiny's Child is because they constantly empower women. The lyrics of their songs never fails to get me in the mood to conquer the world! hahahaha. One song of theirs, which I listen to every morning before dressing up kind of inspired me to do this post, its called NASTY GIRL.

'Nasty put your clothes... why don't you' and while you are it make sure that you are dressing your way to the top.

We are now the new breed of women, proudly bringing home the bacon in our stilletos! We are the Alpha Female and here are the new rules of Power Dressing.
1. A lint remover is a black loving person's best friend.
2. Ensure that the hemlines are properly sowed.
3. Even if you are wearing black, people do notice if you ironed your clothes.
4. Wearing heels is power but an over exposed feet may be better off left in parties. You can still exude femininity by using pumps.
5. Keep your make up polished.
6. Ensure that your shoes are clean, nothing is worst that seeing an impeccably dressed woman with bad shoes!

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