by - December 23, 2009

So, where's the party? :)


Close up on closed eyes

Step Eight: Using the unknown brush, sweep some white irridescent eyeshadow on your brow bone and tear ducts

Step Nine: Curl your lashes, apply mascar, brush it to separate the lashes and then apply another coat. Do not forget to apply some mascara on your lower lashes, i find that it makes the eyes look super sultry. :)

Step Five: Blend with a MAC 217 brush
Step Six: Use the MAC 266 Brush and line the lower lash line with the dark violet eye shadow
Step Seven: Smudge some Feline Pencil on MAC 219 and smudge the lower lash line

Step Four: Use another flat shader brush (sorry, I dont know the name if this brush as its cover got ripped off because of too much soaking in the water. You can use the MAC 239.

Using this brush apply a lighter violet (lilac) over the crease.

Step Three: Using INGLOT's 13P Brush pack on MAC's pigment in Violet from the lash bed all the way to the crease. Do not sweep the pigment but press it on the eye area. You want to achieve a high concentration of colour on the lash bed.
Step Two: Line the upper water line with your Kohl liner. I used MAC Feline. Make sure that you smudge it along the lashes. Line the lower water line and use an angled brush like the MAC 266 to pull down the colour to the lower lashes.
Other Kohl Pencils to try: Make Up Forever and INGLOT. Very easy to blend
Step One: Use an eyemake up base. For this look, I used Coastal Scents Gel Liner and I applied it from the lids to the crease.
Using an eye make up base ensures that the eye make lasts longer and it makes the colour more vibrant.

This is for Tracy and though its not a video, hope this helps :)

If you will notice, I hardly ever line my lids when I do smokey eye, instead, I give myself a harder time with more chances of me poking my eye by lining the upper water line. I just find this technique better at defining the eye, making the lashes look thicker and getting a better base for smoking the eyes. This is especially good if the consistency of your kohl pencil is very blendable.

Kohl Pencil and a pencil brush like MAC's 219 will work very well as a base for smokey eyes.
Here goes the look for the day. :)

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