by - November 16, 2009

I love finding rare items especially when they are reasonably priced, so, while I was looking at my closet to find something to wear for work, the lace trimmings of two of my skirts caught my attention.I purchased both skirts in a flea market in Manila in 2005 and I am happy to say that they are both still in mint condition.

I though of naming this post as The New Romantics because lace and eyelets always reminds of romance, walks in the field on a sunny day. I think this is the feel that the white ensemble evokes, whereas the black ensemble resonates a little more vintage feel a la stepford, perhaps its the pearl necklace. :)

White Romantic
White Eyelet Top and spaghetti strap inner shirt from Forever 21; Cream Chiffon Skirt bought from a flea market in manila; Brown Wedges from Manila.

Black Romantic
Black Top from Zara, Black Embroidered Skirt from a flea market in manila, Black Pumps from ALDO, Black Bag from Dolce and Gabbana.

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