by - November 29, 2009

Being a Make Up Artist and Stylist, I get absolutely thrilled when a Make Up company releases a new look, product or when a designer stirs things up by launching a new trend and everybody just gets hooked. I can apply make up on 5 people without rest or style a shoot at 5am without complaining because these two things are my passions in life.

But my ultimate passion in life is a little girl named Allysa Isabel Victoria, Pie or Dot, in short my daughter.

Unliker her dear old mom, Allysa is my exact opposite. Favouring jeans, shirts and converse to frilly dresses and cute sandals, which makes me love her even more. At 9 years old, I believe Allysa already has idea of her own unique personal style. Totally devoid of Mama's, which I think is just great.

In my opinion, I can call it Casual Chic. Allysa may be in her jeans, shirt and cons but she has got to have a nice bag, immaculate hair and big sunnies. :)

To mom's out there who has daughters who are entirely different from them, lets celebrate their uniqueness and watch them blossom into their own person :)

I love you, Dot :)

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