by - November 19, 2009

With Summer finally over I began thinking of what I will do with the summer dresses that I have. Should i store them till next summer or should I find a way to wear them for the cold months ahead. Then I realised, why not 'Winterize' some of my summer dresses! This will be fun.

I find it a lot easier to 'winterize' my short summer dresses as opposed to the long ones but lets see how far my creativity goes. :)

The summer dress that I am wearing is made of 2 layes of chiffon plus a cotton lining, so I think that its just perfect for the winter months in Dubai. I think pairing it with textured tights and high heeled oxfords gives the look its Winter feel. By now, you'd have realised that I love accentuating the waist as I have done, yet again on this new post. :)

So, rummage through your Summer outfits and see what you can Winterize and get into The Great Transition

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