by - November 09, 2009

The current financial situation though extremely distressing can also bring out the creative side of us and the next few posts will be dedicated to still looking good and enjoying life without breaking the bank.

This post was actually inspired by my night out with my girlfriend Treena. As we were on our way to The Westin, she said that I looked good and I told her that the dress that I was wearing was only AED 60.00. The Canary Yellow Maxi Dress though inexpensive is made of cotton, the fit is good and it flows while you walk. I think that its an added factor especially when it comes to maxi dresses. Gives you that ethereal feel. The corset belt purchased in 2006 in Dragon Mart is a steal!!!!- AED 20. I love finding these treasures! Though we are on our way to Winter, thought that perhaps bringing in something from Spring such as these statement earrings from Forever 21 bought in 2005 will not only make the look more fresh but it will also complement my short do.

Its also great to know that inexpensive items can last for a long time provided that we take care of them. We should also remember that Fashion does get recycled and that trendy inexpensive pieces that we buy for each season should be kept properly so that when it comes in vogue 4 seasons after we need not buy it again

And so this quest begins.......
After the 2nd Day of the Manny Librodo Workshop I decided to pay a visit to my hair dresser, kinda felt that my tresses are growing already and it badly needed a trim. En route to the salon I chanced upon this small shop which sells Salon Equipment and I saw great looking avant garde, runway worthy lashes so I decided to go back after my hair cut. The lashes did not disappoint. They are great though it lacked variety in length and style but for AED 20.00. Its a steal. I hope to use them for a shoot soon.

Around the corner in the same area is what I would like to call my city sanctuary because it literally is. Tucked away in the busy streets of Karama is PhilESpa.

This small wonder has three spacious massage rooms with a reception area to set the mood as well as very relaxing music. Not to mention the scent that filled the room.

My treatment started with a leg scrub with a slight massage. The masseuse asked me about the pressure that I prefer and I literally drifted away the moment the ginger oil touched my back and the kneading stokes started. To complete the treatment I also had free cupping or ventosa :)

My Day in Total
Hair Cut: AED 70 (with tip)
False Lashes: AED 40
1 hour massage with tip AED 120

Check it out:

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